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Zigarren Magazin

reports about interesting topics around the brown gold

Ausgabe Juli/August 2024
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Only available at selected cigar stores and as single issue on

The cigar magazine reports on interesting topics about the brown gold.

In each issue, more than 50 cigars are tasted and evaluated.

The guide lists more than 600 lounges and specialty stores.

The cigar magazine comes with great lifestyle articles, informs about novelties and presents equipment and accessories.

In addition, we mention rum, whiskies, spirits and wines that go particularly well with the cigar.

IN THIS issue:


The full interview with Hemmy Garcia and Willi Knopf

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reports on interesting topics around the brown gold 
tests and evaluates over 50 cigars in each issue
informs about novelties and presents accessories
comes with great lifestyle articles
lists in the guide over 550 specialty stores or lounges

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September / Oktober 2024 available from the beginning of September.

Only available at selected cigar stores and as single issue on